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How does the process work?

In general, I usually get an email request or a call for a sign.
I discuss what is needed, size, color scheme, anything that is important in the making of the sign. Then I work on layouts after a fee has been agreed to.

Are the signs made to go in or outside?

Good question. 90% of the signs I make are made to hang inside, out of the elements. I can easy make them for outdoors but it just uses a different process at the end to help ensure their long life. Keep in mind that even when protected, outdoor signs will age quickly (but that may not be a bad thing).

How much do your signs costs?

Many factors go into this. Size, complexity and time are always factors. But in general my signs start at $500 but the average sign you see on this site are at about the $1,000 range. I know people see vintage looking signs all the time at fairs but those tend to be smaller, quicker and not as individualized. I treat mine as a future family heirloom.

Do you do carved letter signs?

At this time, no. If you want the letters carved into the sign that is a different kind of sign maker.

Do I pay it all upfront?

No, once we agree on a price I ask for a 50% deposit. Then the design process starts for your approval. Once the final sign is done the final 50% is due.

How long will it take to make my sign?

That depends on what else is in the shop. I usually say 3-5 weeks is the average lead time.


Do you take a credit card?

Not at this time, but I hope to. A check, PayPal or Venmo
works till then.

Do you deliver?

If you are on the cape or Islands I can deliver free of charge. If you want the signs shipped to you we will work out the actual shipping charges to add.

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